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About Jonathan

Jonathan Hawley is originally from Langwith, a small coal mining village in England

located near Nottingham, also known as Robin Hood’s old stomping grounds. He found

his passion for magic at an early age when his grandfather bought him his first magic

book from Blackpool, England. While learning the art of magic, he was also a dancer

which led him to represent Great Britain in South Africa at the Free Style World

Championships where he won first place in several different dance categories.

When he was 21 years old, he left home to pursue a career as a professional dancer on

board a luxury cruise ship in Miami. That is where he met his wife, Trisha who was also

a professional dancer. A few contracts later, they met an Italian illusionist who got

Jonathan back into the world of magic. From then on, Jonathan’s passion for magic

was reignited more than ever before.

Soon after, together they created their own illusion show, Hawley Magic which included

Las Vegas style, grand illusions. Their first gig was for the world’s biggest magic

convention in Blackpool, England as the closing act performing in front of 3,000 magicians.

When America’s Got Talent came to town, they couldn’t pass up the chance to audition.

Out of 75,000 acts to originally audition they were chosen as finalists to compete on

their live show in New York and received millions of votes.

Many calls with amazing offers came in from around the world, but it was Princess

Cruises that snatched them up straight away after AGT. Princess continued to book

them consistently, sometimes with two-year long contracts. Based on passenger’s

comments and feedback, Jonathan and Trisha were nominated for Princess Cruises

Entertainers of the Year, competing against more than 700 acts fleet wide.While on

board the Royal Princess they were chosen to be featured in the UK on ITV’s award-

winning TV show, The Cruise.

While they both love performing the grand illusions, Jonathan’s true love is close up

magic which is why they created a more intimate show that focuses on magic in it’s

purest form called the Man of Magic. It’s family friendly and great for all ages. With the

use of today’s technology he takes the magic so close to his audience it seems to be

right under their noses. He has performed the Man of Magic show around the world

with great success, including in Japan where he learned a little Japanese.

Jonathan’s love of magic continues to grow with each show he performs.

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Experience the magic firsthand with Jonathan Hawley at your corporate event or private party! Prepare to be mesmerized by Jonathan's up-close and personal magical prowess that will leave your guests spellbound. With his captivating illusions and charming demeanor, Jonathan brings a touch of wonder and excitement to any gathering. Whether you're hosting a corporate function or celebrating a special occasion, Jonathan's unique and interactive magical experience will create unforgettable moments that everyone will talk about long after the event ends. Book now for an enchanting and immersive magical experience that will leave your guests amazed and delighted!



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